St Mary’s Church

Sunday Service Times

9am Holy Communion
10:30am The Gathering
Communion on 3rd Sunday


We can offer non-alcoholic wine and gluten-free wafers on request. Please check this with the Church warden before the service. If it’s a communion service today and you are not familiar with this or do not share the Christian faith, please do not feel pressured to participate. When people move to the front to take the bread and wine, please feel free to come forward for a blessing.

Sunday Club

We love to have children in our services! We currently don’t run a creche but do have children’s groups. Please feel relaxed with young children you are very welcome here. Sunday Club joins ‘The Gathering’ service at the beginning and then goes to the Church Hall except on the third Sunday where there is a communion service for everyone.

St James Church

Sunday Service Times

Holy Communion Service
Held at 09:45 am on second Sunday of each month for approx 1 hr
Family Service
Held at 09:45am on all other Sundays.

Church Of The Good Shepherd

Sunday Service Times

Join us for a lively family friendly service 
Every Sunday at 11am