Prayer Resources

In these times of trouble and anxiety we all need someone to turn to for support and guidance.

Times of crisis are, perhaps, the most important times to turn to God.  Sometime we cry, “Help me!” or “Please!” or “Save me!”  God wants to be there for us.  God wants us to turn and ask for intimacy, comfort and help. 

Turning to God and telling Him how you feel can help you and God will be there to support you through the crisis.

This may be a time unlike any other when we can reconnect with God through patterns of prayer. Of course we all know we should be praying but for many of us we need to hear anew the saying: ‘Pray as you can, not as you can’t’.

We hope you will find some or all of the following resources helpful:

  • Join with others in listening to services which will be broadcast on local radio or available on line. Churches across the country are live streaming events such as services, Bible studies and prayer meetings. Join a service or event wherever you are.
  • Particularly recommended to us is  Pray as you go. It is resourcing, uplifting and above all a means of daily opening to God. It consists of a 12 minute download which starts with a bell ringing followed by some reflective music. Then a short bible passage is read followed by a couple of short open questions which help to engage and listen to God. Then the passage is read again and after some further quiet reflection Pray as you go ends with a blessing. It is free and easy to access.
  • The C of E has produced an excellent app Time to Pray to access short daily and night prayer for each day.
  • The Community of Saint Chad booklet has prayer for the morning and evening and is very usable. When you pray you are aware of praying with others throughout the Diocese and beyond. An audio version is available. A copy can be obtained from [email protected] 07857703303
  • Further prayer resources are available  on The Church of England website:  These include prayers about the outbreak, for those who are ill, for hospital staff and medical research as well as material for leading prayers.
  • Lichfield Diocese are seeking to provide a daily prayer on the Diocesan Prayer Diary through the excellent PrayerMate App or


(Thanks to Philip Swan of the DVE Team, Diocese of Lichfield for the above information)

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